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"Working together in Oxfordshire, we will give people the choice of support to achieve the lifestyle changes they want to make"


Our Aim: to support lifestyle medicine in Oxfordshire

  • connecting people working in healthcare who want to offer patients the choice of good quality options to support lifestyle and behaviour change 

  • highlighting examples of effective lifestyle medicine practice in Oxfordshire

  • providing local information and local lifestyle medicine expertise

  • space for discussion, support and ideas sharing for those trialling new models of care that use person centred care and population health data with a lifestyle medicine approach

Support Group

  We want to support Oxfordshire to act on the WHO mandate to work on "strengthening the capacity of individuals and populations to make healthier choices and follow lifestyle patterns that foster good health" whilst recognizing that "the incidence and impacts of non-communicable diseases can be largely prevented or reduced with an approach that incorporates evidence-based, affordable, cost-effective, population-wide and multisectoral interventions"



What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine has evolved from a grass-roots movement of patients and health care professionals who want to address the underlying causes of ill health. It uses:


  1. The most up-to-date research to inform which lifestyle changes improve health

  2. Proven behavioural change techniques to support people to sustain a healthy lifestyle


This approach has been used to not only prevent but treat and even reverse some health conditions.

For more information see www.bslm.org.uk

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