Dr Ellen Fallows

Ellen is a  GP who has had 10 years of partnership experience in a large, diverse practice in Oxfordshire.  She is currently running virtual group clinics with a coached intensive lifestyle change program with the aim of reversing long term conditions such as depression and type-2 diabetes. 

Her interest in lifestyle medicine comes from having been the lead Diabetes GP for her practice and working to support her patients to achieve remission of hypertension, Type-2 Diabetes and obesity using lifestyle and behavioural change.

With a foundation in evidence-based medicine during her medical degree at Oxford University, she has been active in primary care research, including trials piloting primary care support for dietary change to treat hypertension, obesity and type-2 diabetes as part of the DROPLET and DIAMOND studies. She was awarded a GP Fellowship to pilot and assess the effectiveness of group consultations for Type-2 diabetes and multi-morbidity and is now working with NHS England on a large scale roll out of a support programme for primary care practices to use virtual group clinics as part of the COVID response.

Ellen is working to deliver good quality lifestyle medicine education both for patients and health care professionals. In her role of Learning Academy Director at the BSLM she is starting to create a trusted resource for lifestyle medicine evidence, skills, qualifications and research.

Ellen engages with a wide range of stake-holders currently from policy makers to practices whilst working to bring together like-minded health professionals in the South East of England as one of the Royal College of General Practitioner’s Person-centred care leads, local social prescribing link worker mentor and clinical advisor to the team at Momenta Health who are delivering one of the NHS pilot Type-2 Diabetes remission programmes. 

  • Diploma in Obesity Management, University of South Wales -commenced 2020

  • Faculty of Public Health, Public Health Masterclasses 1&2 (Feb and March 2020)

  • International Board of Lifestyle Medicine/BSLM Diploma (2019)

  • RCGP accredited Food Matters Training (Oct 2019)

  • Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) certification (Sept 2019)

  • University of Wageningen; Nutrition and Health; Human Microbiome Course (2019)

  • Moving Medicine “Active Conversations” motivational interviewing course (2019)

  • Warwick Certificate in Diabetes (2011)

Helen MacMullen.JPG

Dr Helen MacMullen

Helen is an Emergency Medicine Registrar currently doing a joint Fellowship with Sports Medicine, working in Oxford. She has always had a strong passion for lifestyle medicine and the need to facilitate behaviour change with our patients to reduce chronic disease and maximise health.

Part of her current work is with the Active Hospitals project at Oxford University Hospitals Trust, whose aims are to embed effective conversations between health care professionals and patients into standard inpatient and outpatient care settings.

This work is also contributing to Moving Medicine ( a just launched inspiring and engaging online resource aiming to stimulate and facilitate good quality conversations about physical activity with patients in any setting, for any healthcare professional. It has won the RCP Excellence in Patient Centred Care award 2020.

Laura Watson Photo.JPG

Dr Laura Watson

Laura is a GP partner in Oxford with a lifelong interest in lifestyle changes as a route to dramatic and lasting improvements in physical and mental health.  

She has a varied background including many years working in SE Asia where she discovered long distance running and triathlon and helped her first patient reverse Type 2 diabetes through diet and exercise.

Back in Oxford she has had many years’ experience in the Emergency department and in women’s health as well as in Primary Care where she continues to attempt to inspire changes to diet and exercise as a pathway to health.

She is currently on the faculty of Faraway Medicine ‘Expedition and Wilderness medicine’ training courses and has additional experience in event medicine especially multi day ultra-running events.  She continues to cycle around Oxford in all weathers, runs regularly and swims in the Thames all year round